Ways to overcome anxiety without medication (Part-3 & 4)

Today, we are going to have a look cumulatively at the 3rd and 4th approach to overcome anxiety without medication. The approach of “Taking proper care of self” and ‘’Seeking the help of your trusted ones”. We are going to deal with both these approaches together in this part, which is going to be the last part of ways to overcome anxiety without medication.

4 ways to achieve this combined approach

  • Exercise, Yoga & Meditation- Generally also it is good to exercise daily in order to stay active, but it is a must for people suffering from anxiety. It is been proved that people who exercise regularly fall less a victim to anxiety. It is the best way to bring your mental health back to track as exercising burns stress hormones which is the root cause of anxiety.

The focus should be on breathing exercises apart from freehand or stretching or aerobics or strengthening exercises. Yoga is the best form of breathing exercise.

Meditation calms your mind down and helps it get rid of all stress and worries. It is advisable to practice meditation daily for at least 5 minutes a day. Start with 5 minutes and then slowly increase the time.


  • Healthy & balanced diet- Anxiety can be triggered by skipping meals or not having proper meals at proper timings. Thus, it is advisable to have healthy balanced food. Have a mix-match of proteins, foods rich in fatty acids, whole-wheat grains, fruits, veggies and dairy products. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol as much as possible as it has a tendency to keep you awake which means can lead to sleep deceptiveness.


  • Adequate Sleep- Regular sleep of around 6-8 hours is essential. It is basically at night when everyone around us is sleeping and we are the only one awake when our mind tends to get engrosses in various thoughts. These thoughts give us tension and feeling of loneliness, thus it is always better to go to bed at a particular time daily and not staying awake late night or ignoring your sleep calls. Improper sleep triggers anxiety as our mind doesn’t get the peace.


  • Seeking someone’s help- Often it happens with us that something is bothering us too much but once we share it someone close to us, however big the problem is it doesn’t bother us that much. Same is with anxiety. Anxiety is nothing but something going in our mind which is troubling us. So speaking to your trusted ones is always the easiest solution, but remember to speak to only those who can help you and are trusted ones. Do not just go and speak to any random person, instead of helping you it may even worsen your situation if the person doesn’t understand you.

In the worst case, if nothing works for you, you may even seek professional help. My experience suggests seeking personal help is always better than professional help.

This was all about anxiety and ways to overcome anxiety without medication. Still, if it doesn’t help you then do consult a doctor at the earliest, but yes do try these remedies once. If you have any query or confusion regarding anxiety feel free to write down to us in the comment section below.