Ways to overcome anxiety without medication (Part-1)

Today, again I am back on the topic of anxiety. Now, when we know a lot about anxiety and the biggest whether you are a victim of anxiety or not? So, come on friends today let us have a look at ways to overcome anxiety without medication.

We have talked about the forms of anxiety. So, I assume by now you know which form of anxiety you are suffering from and whether there are the symptoms of co-occurring health issues in you if you are at all suffering from anxiety.

I am going to tell you about some ways to help yourself without going for any medical help.

We are going to discuss this topic in 4 parts:-

  1. Trying the 3-As approach
  2. Helping your mind
  3. Taking proper care of self
  4. Seeking the help of your trusted ones


The 3-As approach

This approach deals with Avoid/ Alter/ Adapt & Accept Do keep 1 thing in mind all situations are different and so are the solutions. So, the same approach may not work in all ways. Let’s see how to combine these 4As to make it best work for you

  • Avoid stressors as much as possible- No one knows better than what gives you stress so in order to avoid stress it is important to first know what gives you tension. You may keep a record of the circumstances or situations to help you better. Some common stressors are- health issues, career, study, job, lifestyle, relationship problems, family issues, religious issues, community, etc.


You may think that avoiding anything is no solution to any problem. Yes, you are right but over here I am not telling you to avoid the problem but to avoid the things which stress you out and initially it is important. I agree everything can’t be avoided but it is equally true that many of them can be avoided, so try avoiding those at least.


  • Alter the stress factor- As said above; all stressors can’t be avoided, so the next solution is to try altering those which you can’t avoid. How would you alter? Suppose, the stress factor in your life is your relationship and all the problems in your relationship are due to communication gap or you not able to give your partner the time. It’s simple, plan your day and give each other the required time. This would reduce the no. of arguments between you both and you would even feel light and easy.


In this way, just find alternatives to problems, like if driving long distance is a stressor for you; choose any other mode of transportation. This way, you can find alternatives and help yourself.


  • Adapt & Accept- Many things are not in our hand and neither avoiding it nor altering it is possible. In such situations, you only have 1 option that is to adapt to it. The more you try altering or avoiding it the more stress it would become. Instead of seeing the negativities, focus on the positive sides of it which would help you better adapt to it.


Self-motivation is the best motivation. Whenever you feel dicey in any situation and are nervous as to you won’t be able to do it, just keep saying yourself these words- “I can do it!!” “I should do it!!” “This is best for me!!” “I must!!”


Adapting and accepting is the best for you because many things you got to deal and accepting them positively is better than crying and doing it.

Very soon will come with other approaches in next parts of this topic. Till then, try this 3-As approach and see whether it helps you overcome anxiety or not.