Ways to overcome anxiety without medication (Part-2)


Having already discussed the 3-As approach of overcoming anxiety, today, we are going to have a look at the 2nd approach to overcome anxiety without medication, which is “Helping your mind”.

By helping yourself what I mean is cooling down yourself before reaching the state of panic attack. Modify your mind, in a way you can say fool your mind that there is nothing to worry about, all situations are under control.

This can be done in 3 ways:-

  • Make a proper strategy- This funda is applicable for managing the stress in your daily life. Stress management in regular life is essential for solving problems. The best ways to get out of this situation is note down your daily activities and see which situation stresses you out. Then, in that situation try being calm or avoid it as much possible.


  • Think positive- People facing anxiety disorder has this common problem with over thinking. They think a lot and generally negative. So. Whenever your mind moves to the negative track just think about all the positivity related to that circumstance. Do not let negative thoughts overpower you. Just keep reminding yourself that you are in no danger. Try being in a positive environment as much as possible.


  • Do not push away your feeling- Ignoring the feeling of anxiety won’t help you so better face it. The moment you feel anxious take long deep breath. This would soothe you down and you will surely feel relaxed.

You must start practicing taking long deep breaths for at least 5 minutes a day and meditation on a daily note.

Accepting your anxiety and overcoming it with positive thoughts, long deep breaths make you fearless of anxiety and you are no more concerned or bothered about anxiousness.