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How strong friendship at teenage makes teen adaptive to deal stress


From the very early age, our parents always tell us to make good friends. Do not get into a wrong company. We do not understand what they mean by it especially during teenage. Teenage is the age when students get distracted and it is only the age when they have to make a wise choice as to their career. Decisions taken by you at this age can either make your life or spoil your life. Over here, I am not going to bore you by talking about all these. In fact, I am going to discuss how strong friendship can make teens adaptive to deal stress.

Stress faced by teens

Teenage is the age when love, attraction, boyfriend, girlfriend, patch-ups, breakups, alcohol type things happen. Scared to tell their feelings to anyone stresses the teens. Apart from all these, they have plenty other tensions in their mind related to studies. There are some who do not understand which stream to choose after 10th. On the other side, there are some who want to pursue something but their parents want them to do something else. All these make them totally hooked up and they start suffering from mental stress which often leads to depression.

How a strong bond can make a teen adaptive to deal stress

In our teenage, we all tend to get involved in lot many things as mentioned above. Talking to parents about everything is not possible for everyone. lack of communication makes it more difficult for them. Here it is how a strong friendship plays a key role in a teen’s life. If you have a good bond with any single friend then you can share everything with him/her. Without being scared you can talk to your friend about anything whether it is right or wrong.

Heart breaks are very common at this age and having a support is very important to hold you from breaking down. At all these times it is a friend only who can hold you and keep you up.

Benefits of a strong friendship in a teen’s life

As per research, it is found that young adolescents of the age 15-16 with good friends are more adaptive to deal stress.  They have a higher sense of self-worth, less anxiety, are more relaxed and have almost negligible symptoms of depression. Having good friend is not only for enjoyment but it is also good for mental health.

Authors who conducted the research have also reached the conclusion that the quality friends’ one has, has a very positive impact on his social life and mental health. Having a friend to stand by you in all ups and downs really helps you from getting a victim to stress and makes you more adaptive to deal stress. Strong friendship proves to be the best stress reliever at this age by making a teen’s life easy. This is why it is important to choose your friend wisely. Where a good friend can help you make your life, a bad one can do completely opposite to it.

Strong friendship not only acts as a stress reliever for teens but also for adults scrambling with work related issues.