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Simple Yoga Asanas for knee Arthritis

yoga asanas for knee arthritis

Knee pain or knee arthritis is now one of the most common health issues faced by the people worldwide. To get relived from this problem you can try some yoga asanas or exercises. This is an easy way to get relief from the pain. Here are some yoga asanas for knee arthritis.

Simple Yoga Asanas for knee Arthritis


Makarasana is very helpful in slip disc, sciatica, spondylitis and cervical. It also helps in spine related issues. It helps to stretch the legs and hips muscles which help to strengthen the muscles of the body.

People suffering from back injury and knee injury should prevent doing this exercise. Consult a doctor before doing this yoga asana.


It helps to improve the blood supply and strength of the joints. Veerasana helps to remove the fat from the lower abdomen of the body. It maintains proper balance of the body and also improves the flexibility of spinal column. It also helps to strengthen the legs and remove the pains from the joints. This asana helps to increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

People suffering from shoulder and neck injury should not perform this asana.


This asana is good for people who has problem like varicose veins and leg pain. Any age group can perform this asana as it helps to clam your mind. It also helps to stabilizes pulse beat. It also helps in increasing the concentration of the people. Swastikasana also helps to improve the flexibility of the backbone.People suffering from sciatica and sacral infections should consult a doctor before doing this asana.


This asana helps you to realign the spine and improves the body equilibrium. It also benefits your knee and ankle joints. The asana stretches the calf muscles and hamstrings. It helps in strengthening of arms, chest and leg muscles.

People suffering from diarrhea, migraine, low or high blood pressure, neck and back injuries should avoid this asana.

Here are some simple yoga asanas for knee arthritis. You can consult a doctor for if you want to do these asanas and you are suffering from any other health issues.