Signs and Symptoms that indicate you are depressed

Are you the one who is facing Depression? I know it’s a direct negative question but it’s our task to guide our audience and followers. The biggest problem with Depression is that individuals themselves don’t know that they are depressed. But don’t worry guys here we will explain you all the minor as well as major symptoms of Depression. This will help you solve this problem at the earliest. Because a problem can’t be solved until and unless we know whether it exists.

The most basic sign which proves you are into Depression is when you feel sad, low, demotivated.Especially when you feel disinterested doing your usual or favorite activities. Well, if this is what you are facing since the last two weeks, then they may be a chance of you being Depressed. But guys remember, this is one basic sign, apart from this we will share more of them. So if you find yourself facing them like several of them, then you are facing Depression.


Top signs and symptoms of Depression

Behavioral Changes

  • not able to concentrate on your usual activities.
  • feeling negative about even small things.
  • do not like the company of your loved ones.
  • feel irritated most of the time.
  • don’t feel like going anywhere, even when some emergency is there.

Negative Thoughts

When you start getting negative thoughts most of the time like:

  • bad always happens to me.
  • no one likes me.
  • I am a big time failure.
  • just feel like staying alone.
  • everyone would be happy when I don’t exist.
  • I hate myself.

Physical Problems

  • feel always tired.
  • feels sleepy but can’t sleep.
  • headaches as well as unexpected muscle pain.
  • feels hungry but don’t want to eat.
  • feeling weak as in like loss of energy.
  • most of time feeling sick.

Though when we look at these signs, we think that every human must be going through this because of hectic schedules as well as tensions. But the point here is that one’s who have been facing these problems regularly may be more than two weeks. Then it is a sign of Depression.

The most important thing here is that you need to first understand and think about your behavior, thoughts as well as physical problems. If you feel that you are facing these problems then i would suggest you to meet up a doctor.

These symptoms and signs can actually help you better understand your feeling. After reading this checklist first thing you need to do is relax yourself and think.

And it’s not about you, even if you feel your loved ones are facing these signs and symptoms you should advice them to meet up a doctor.

A small Advice

If you are facing depression, then one natural way to get rid of it is ‘Thinking Positive’. I know in such a situation it’s very difficult but you need to be strong and fight these issues.

  • Try thinking about the happy moments about your life whenever you feel sad or irritated.
  • Go out more frequently with your loved ones.
  • Talk to your friends more and more.
  • Watch movies (some motivating ones and comedy ones too)
  • Daily go to the gym for an hour or if not gym then a brisk walk or jog would be cool.
  • Try getting yourself excited.

These are natural ways, you can meet your doctor and discuss these issues.

One important thing, Don’t Worry it’s all inside you, no one would leave you nor would hate. Everyone loves you. Just face all your fears with strength, You will be fine soon.

You can share it, so that more and more people could get it’s benefit.