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Men scrambling with work-related mental health issues

The present work culture is such that people hardly get time for themselves. A research conducted by Mind came up with facts regarding high work pressure. It concluded that men face double the problems due to their job than in their personal life, resulting in work-related mental health issues.

Mind had conducted a survey in which they spoke to 15,000 employees from 30 different organizations. They reached a conclusion that out of every 3 employees 1 is suffering from mental health issues. The reason being nothing but simply job stress.

The primary reason for job stress being that people are not open up with their boss. They are not able to communicate freely with their boss or managers regarding the effect of work pressure on their life. This work pressure eventually has an effect on their personal life too which makes it even worse for them. This communication gap is so much in some cases that the employers even fear to ask for sick leave.

Ways men find for dealing with this mental health issues

The communication gap between employer and employee is so much that people tend to deal with this problem themselves. They not only prefer dealing it in their own ways but also hiding it from others. In the first place, getting themselves busy in things like meditation, TV, computer games, gymming in order to relax their mind. Secondly, there are some even of the opinion that they can overcome this mental health issue by drinking alcohol. This makes a few of them addicted to drinking.

Result of all these ways of self-dealing

These ways which men find to overcome mental pressure are just temporary ways. They end up getting more irritated and frustrated which affects both personal as well as professional life.

Rationales behind men fearing conversation with their employers

  • Macho culture prevails in some organizations where men think that speaking about their problem would make them less of a man.
  • The bossy nature of the managers.
  • Lack of confidence in the employees.

As per the research poll data, it is found that there are managers who are ready to entertain communication regarding mental health. As per them, this would improve the relationship between them. This interaction depends on both- how openly does one accept other’s point.

Effective communication is a solution to this mental health problem. Thus, it is very important for all organizations to have a forum where employees at all levels can talk about their problems. Removing hierarchical difference can make this possible.

Mind has also found that many organizations are coming up with excellent solutions where employees’ mental health is concerned.

Steps taken by organizations to overcome this issue

  • Workplace well-being initiatives like Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are started.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ensuring good and supportive line management of all staff

Undertaking these 3 steps can bring a massive difference to this poor mental health issue, would even lead to earlier detection and solution to all men mental health issue at the workplace.