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5 easily available protein rich food items

Today, due to our hectic schedules, we tend to ignore our health, don’t we? But we can’t even ignore our work as due to so much competition people have to work hard, be more efficient and competitive. Well, when we have a debate between fitness and work, it’s never ending. The most basic reason is that we don’t have time. But guys don’t worry, we at are at your rescue. Here we will share with you 5 protein rich food items.

5 Protein rich food items

Now, the question is why proteins?

Proteins are needed for our body regularly. They are must for repairing the broken tissues as well as in building them too.

Our hair and nails are made up of proteins. Proteins are also needed in developing our body hormones as well as enzymes.

We usually don’t have time especially in metro cities where travelling kills more time apart from your work schedule. We mostly eat food without thinking about the amount of proteins, fats or sugars in it. But guys we are here now to give you solutions to these problems.

How will these solutions help you?

Our body needs proper amount of proteins, fats, sugars, minerals etc. When we get these proper amounts of them,then it helps us to stay fit and work efficiently, feel less tired.

For now, here we will share with you 5 protein rich food items, which are not only easily available but when taken in proper quantity will have some great benefits over your fitness levels and help you stay healthy.

And I guess that’s all is what we need, foods which are easily available and give proper amount of energy without increasing our fat.

Here is the list of 5 delicious easily available protein rich food items:


5 Protein rich food items

Eggs are one of the most nutritious food item. The best part is, it is available not only easily, but also the most economical food.

Usually, when you are working out or trying to make up your body muscles egg white is the most recommended protein rich food.

When we look at the numbers, a whole egg contains 35% calories as well as 6 gms of proteins. Along with this eggs also contain lots or vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which not only provide energy but also keeps our mind sharp.


5 protein rich food items

Well, nowadays Oats have actually gained a big market share in ready-to-eat breakfast food. Oats are not only easily available, but can also be made in like 10 minutes depending whether you prefer salty ones or sweet.

Oats contain lots of vitamins (especially Vitamin B1), fibers, magnesium etc and what not.

When it comes to protein content, Oats have have about 15% of calories and 20gms of oats contain about 303 calories.

It provides you with all the nutrients which are deficient in your body.


5 protein rich food items

Milk, is one of the most easily available product. Milk contains a lot of nutrition, but one issue with it is that, most of the people don’t prefer it.

But, if you drink it then I would say it contains a lot of protein. The best part about Milk is that, it contains all the nutrients in small quantities. So, drinking regularly, one glass of milk will actually provide your body with proteins and vitamins especially Vitamin B2. For those who do not like to drink plain milk can prefer adding cocoa powder or some flavor which will add to it’s nutrients.

Milk when it comes to numbers, contains 21% calories and 8gms of proteins in one cup.


5 Protein rich food items

Fish are usually available of different types, but here we recommend all the types of fish are rich source of proteins. Fish is very healthy for the human body as it contains lots of nutrients and also help in keeping the heart healthy. The reason being is that it contains Omega 3 Fatty acids.

When it comes to protein content Salmon contains 46% proteins. So, Fish is one food which is actually a great bet to provide you high amount of proteins.


5 protein rich food items

Who does not love peanuts. The thing that makes peanuts better is that peanuts are not only delicious but a way to kill your boredom.

They contain lots of proteins as well as magnesium. A few reports, also suggest that it is really useful for losing weight as well.

Usually, people prefer peanut butter in breakfast which provides high amount of proteins to your body.

Peanuts contain 16% of calories and about 30gms of peanuts contains about 159 calories.

For those even protein bars is nowadays a good option, for providing instant energy.

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These are the protein rich food items that help you provide not only proteins but also fibers, magnesium, vitamins etc.

The best part is that these protein rich food items are easily available in the market. And they are economical too, easy to make them actually gives them the status of most preferable for proteins.