Precautions from swine flu to save you from falling victim to it

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What swine flu is and about the causes and symptoms of swine flu I have already talked about. The previous article on swine flu contains the basic knowledge as to swine flu. Today, I am here to talk about the precautions from swine flu. How to save yourself from becoming a victim to it?  So, before going through this article I would suggest you go through the previous article on swine flu once. The link to that article is

15 precautions from swine flu to keep you safe

  1. If you have fever and body aches and your body is not able to get cured of it, visit a doctor immediately. Do not delay treatment by avoiding the doctor.
  2. Try staying indoors as much possible during sickness. It is not only important to protect yourself but equally to protect others in case you are infected.
  3. Do not sneeze openly, cover your mouth and nose every time you sneeze.
  4. Use dry tissues instead of a handkerchief for cleaning your hands in case of cold and cough. Dispose of the tissues properly in the dustbin.
  5. When you sneeze it is possible few saliva droplets might fall down on your nearby object. So, it is equally important to keep your surrounding clean.
  6. Try washing your hands as many times possible.
  7. Use hand sanitizer every time you come home from outside and especially before eating.
  8. Try using public toilets minimal.
  9. Avoid getting in contact with flu infected people. Even if it’s urgent maintain proper gaps as to 6-7 feet distance from them.
  10. Avoid going to crowded places until it’s urgent, especially kids.
  11. If someone has been infected with flu in your family, it is then you got to take most precautions from swine flu. All the family members along with the infected should wear a surgical mask. Clean your home at least twice a day. Use anti-disinfectant. Avoid physical contact with the infected person.
  12. Keep your kids as far you can from the infected member as a kid’s body tend to catch virus more quickly.
  13. Wear surgical mask every time you get out of your house if swine flu has hit your nearby areas.
  14. Drink maximum water and eat a lot of fruits. Drinking lots of water benefit your body normally also in many ways. To know more about drinking water benefits click on
  15. Take proper rest in case you are infected and do not just rush back to work on getting a bit cured. Let your body be totally fit then only get back to your normal life. If you do not take proper rest there are chances of you falling ill again and again.

It is true that what has to happen it will happen. We can’t stop it but we can surely avoid it. So, follow these precautions from swine flu and keep yourself safe. Rather than being scared of it, know the facts to it and keep yourself along with your friends and family safe.