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Moderate drinking will lower the risk of Cognitive Impairment

Many of you have been advised not drink hard drinks or avoid them. According to the recent research, it proved that the middle aged people who drink moderately, face less cognitive impairment as compared to the ones who don’t.

After the research led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, showed that moderate drinking can lower the risk of heart attacks as well as diabetes in humans. Moderate drinking has also proved to be important to live a healthy and long life.

You should also keep in mind the intake of alcohol for an older person. You can relate this with older men or women both as they have greater chances of staying fit and healthy. The data collected by the Rancho Bernardo Study have researched with the help of the older group people. They came to a conclusion that men and women who drinking moderately at the age of 85 stay healthy and away from cognitive impairment.

One drink per day for both men and women at the age of 65 is moderate and necessary for their body. But three to four drinks a day can be heavy for both men and women.

With this study people should take up drinking too lightly and start drinking again. They should not increase the intake of alcohol. If you increase your it you might risk yourself with Dementia.

Dementia is actually decline in mental ability which will be quite severe and effect your daily life.

So, the people aged 65 or above can take one glass of alcohol a day. It is advisable by the doctors and researchers.

Source: Medical News Today