Know whether you are facing anxiety disorder or not??

Depression is another name of anxiety disorder or you can say a major version of it. Firstly, you should differentiate between anxiety and anxiety disorder.

Being anxious or nervous at times is normal but when you start getting anxious too often then it’s a thing to be worried about. The present situation is such that 1 individual out of every 6 is a victim of depression.

Today, I am here to help you know whether you are facing anxiety disorder or not!!! Not to tell you about how to deal with it.

Signs which reflect anxiety disorder

Sleep disorder

How much ever tired you are but still you are not able to have a peaceful sleep. Even if you get sleep it is broken in some time. Your whole night goes this way tussling in bed. In fact, the time you sleep then also you are not at peace, numerous things are going on in your mind which actually do not have any role.

Excessive tension

Being worried about pieces of stuff is normal but when you start taking extra tension then it is to be given a thought. You think too much about any particular stuff, every small thing bothers you. Trying not to think is also making you think.

Irrational Fears

Thinking too much about the outcome of any work? Ever experienced that you think about something and are badly feared by the outcome? For example, you have a test tomorrow and the fear of negative result eats up your mind.

The possibility of negativity scares you so much that you aren’t able to focus on the work itself.

Self- consciousness

You become too much self-conscious in any social gathering. You tend to feel as if everyone is looking at you or talking about you or how should you interact. All these things make you a bit disruptive in interacting with people.

Muscle tension

Muscle tension is another common syndrome. This is the main difference between anxiety and anxiety disorder. Muscle tension indicates- fists knocked up, jaw clenched, toes curled.

Random breathlessness

Just while sitting you may feel uncomfortable, as if you are not able to breathe. You may long for open space. It is not necessary that you feel so only when you are tensed but it can happen during any hour of the day even while you are relaxing.

Chronic indigestion

Yes, tension starts from the mind but it is equally true it affects the whole body. Many face the issue of pooping in tension. Bloating stomach, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, cramping all these are also a result of tension. Thus, it can be concluded that mental anxiety leads to anxiety in the digestive tract.

Panic attack

A panic attack can be for some seconds or few minutes. But, yes anxiety disorder patients do face them. Their hand and legs might get numb or either of them. Many a time they do feel helpless and are stressed off and then they themselves recover from it.

If you are facing the symptoms then also there is nothing to worry. There is no problem in this world which doesn’t have a solution.

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Yes, 1 special advice please do not over-think over this statement- “what to do now I am facing anxiety disorder!!!”

Very soon I will come with how to deal with it and overcome it.