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Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate in 5 minutes

Hot Chocolate is one of the favorite drinks of many around the world. Some of you might be visiting any cafe for your Hot Chocolate daily. Now you need not visit the cafe daily as you can make it at home with some basic ingredients. Here we will share with you, How to make Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate?


How would it be if you could prepare it yourself at home in just 5 minutes?

Preparing Hot chocolate doesn’t take much time. You can prepare it easily with just a few ingredients and save more than half of your bucks spent.


1 cup milk of your choice2 tea spoon milk powder to make it a bit thick

2 tea spoon milk powder to make it a bit thick

2 tea spoon coco powder

1/4th tea spoon vanilla syrup for flavoring

1 tea spoon sugar or any other sweetening as per your choice

1 crushed cinnamon, at your discretion

Preparation method

  1. Put the milk to boil at medium flame.
  2. Till the milk gets boiled, get ready with other ingredients.
  3. Mix all 3 together- coco powder, sugar, and milk powder. Add crushed cinnamon to this mixture. Once you have blended all 3 together, add vanilla syrup and stir it well.
  4. Once the milk gets boiled, empty the contents into a mug.
  5. Add the mixture you prepared to the milk.
  6. Stir it well.
  7. Garnish it with coco on top.
  8. Your drink is ready.

Preparation time

5 minutes

Add cinnamon, it makes your drink healthier. Cinnamon acts as an anti-toxicant for your body. It helps reduce blood sugar level. 

So, from now prepare your own healthy Hot Chocolate whenever you wish to have.