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4 Healthy Energy-Rich Protein Bars

PROTEIN BAR The more people you talk to about it the more mixed reviews you get. Some will tell you that these are good for health, some will advise you avoid them totally, whereas, on the other hand, you will find the attractive, convincing advertisements of these products. These advertisements are so convincing that you almost make up your mind to start having one. So, the question that comes here is that are actually these energy-rich protein bars really good for your health?

energy rich protein bar

It is important that you select your protein bar very carefully. More than half of the bars available in the market are actually loaded with sugar rather than being a snicker. Consuming these sugar-loaded bars will not benefit you in any way but will rather affect your body harmfully. It can obstruct your weight-loss and healthy foods efforts.

Those protein bars which are actually protein bars and not sugar candy can be consumed daily. A normal person eats a protein bar in order to get instant energy. It is not always essential that proteins bars for energy to be consumed only by those who are on diet. A normal layman can even have protein bars as nothing but energy food to spurt up energy levels. A good protein bar can even be your evening snack as it is healthy plus stomach filling.

4 Energy-Rich Protein Bars which are actually good

Kind Strong & Kind Honey Smoked BBQ

This Honey Smoked BBQ is made up of nuts and honey. Nuts like almond are not only very healthy for your body but also rich in the amino acid L-arginine that helps to build-up lean muscle and assists in weight loss. Nuts also provide essential minerals, riboflavin, magnesium, and manganese to the body.

Contents per 45gm bar
  • 230 calories
  • 16 gm fat (1.5 gm saturated fat)
  • 125 mg sodium
  • 3 gm fiber
  • 6 gm sugar
  • 10 gm protein


Luna Protein Mint Chocolate Chip

This gluten free chocolate bar is not only healthy but tasty too. Anytime you have a craving for chocolate you can have this bar. It will satisfy your craving plus benefit your body too. Made with real chocolate it is one of the tastiest energy-rich protein bars.

Contents per 45gm bar
  • 70 calories
  • 5 g fat (3 gm saturated fat)
  • 240 mg sodium
  • 3 gm fiber
  • 13 gm sugar
  • 12 gm protein


Rise Bar Lemon Cashew

This bar contains just 4 casual ingredients but all 4 are great for your body. The ingredients are – organic cashews, pea protein, coconut nectar, and lemon extract. All the 4 ingredients are an energy house themselves so you can imagine what this bar would be.

Contents per 60gm bar
  • 260 calories
  • 13 gm fat (2.5 gm saturated fat)
  • 25 mg sodium
  • 1 gm fiber
  • 12 gm sugar
  • 15 g protein


Kind Plus Almond Walnut Macadamia with Peanuts

The combo of peanuts along with 10gm of surfeited proteins and amino acids make this bar very healthy. Peanuts help you get a flat belly by incurring weight loss. Amino acids are a source of muscle-building. All these make it a perfect combo pack.

Contents per 40gm bar
  • 200 calories
  • 14 gm fat (2 gm saturated fat)
  • 65 mg sodium
  • 5 gm fiber
  • 7 gm sugar
  • 10 gm protein

These are just 4 out of so many energy-rich protein bars available in the market. You can easily get these bars from online e-commerce sites like Amazon and others, but before purchasing make sure you read its contents. The best part is that none of these bars are too expensive, these protein rich bars are easily affordable.