Healthy Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms- often considered as a vegetable is actually a fungus. Almost all nutritionist advice you to include mushrooms in your duet cause of its numerous health benefits. The health benefits of mushrooms include:-

  • Weight loss
  • Balances Cholesterol Level
  • Treats cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Treats Anemia
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves bone health

To know how it treats all the above-mentioned diseases read about mushroom facts in detail.

facts about mushrooms

You must be thinking how can a single veggie lead to so many benefits??? The reason is mushroom being a source of proteins, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antibiotics, and antioxidants.

You can make many lip-lacking dishes with mushrooms. It’s up to you in which cuisine you want to include it.

Over here, I am going to discuss how to make Healthy Creamy chicken Mushroom Soup. By the name itself you can guess how healthy and tasty it will be.

Recipe for Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup


½ lb chopped mushrooms

1/4th cup chopped onion

1/4th cup chopped carrot

1/4th cup chopped celery

5 cups boneless broth chicken

2 cups cooked chicken

½ cup all-purpose flour

½ cup melt butter

1 tsp black pepper

½ tsp white pepper

1/4th tsp dried thyme

½ tsp salt

1 ½ tsp lemon juice

1 pinch dried tarragon

1 tbsp parsley

1 tsp hot pepper sauce

3 cloves of garlic

3 cups of half and half



Heat olive oil in a pan and add the cook chicken broth until brown. Before cooking the broth season it with salt and pepper. Once the chicken is cooked, keep it aside and add butter to another pan. Add garlic, mushroom, carrot, and celery and stir it lightly over medium flame. Add thyme and stir it well until you start getting the fragrance.

Add all-purpose flour to this mixture and stir it till it gets brown. Stir it well for about 5 minutes with chicken broth and cooked chicken until it thickens a bit. Do add salt, pepper, sauce, lemon juice and all.

Now add the half and half and cook it for about 2-3 minutes. If you find the soup to be too thick add more of half and half.

Serve it hot in a bowl and garnish with parsley.

Preparation time—– 40-45 minutes
Servings—- 5-6 bowls

You will be amazed to know the nutritional content of this amazing dish.

Fat 20%
Cholesterol 18%
Sodium 13%
Carbohydrate 14%
Protein 35%


Apart from this you can even make many other healthy dishes from mushroom and include in your daily diet.