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5 Amazing benefits of Green Tea – A Healthy Beverage

Nowadays all over the world, tea is a known beverage. People love drinking tea and even coffee. But today, we are here to talk about the benefits of Green Tea. Though it came from China, but has got recognition all over the world. Be it India, or European countries Green Tea is loved by lot many people.

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The reason why there are hardly any obese people in China is because they drink lots of Green Tea.

This above statement is really true. If you have ever visited China you must have had a thought that people are so thin. So now you know the reason behind it.

Here we will share that why Green Tea is important and I am sure after reading this you will be motivated to drink it. Though I am not trying to compare Green Tea with other beverages, what I am trying to say is that, Green Tea gives some extra care to your body.

The 5 most amazing benefits of Green Tea are as follows:

  • Green Tea to counter risks of various types of Cancers

Today, Cancer is one of the most deadliest and painful diseases in the world. The main reason why this disease happens is due to growth of cells at a very fast rate, in other words uncontrollable growth.

But according to a research, Antioxidants can create a protective cover over our body against the Cancer cells. And Green Tea is actually one of the best sources of Antioxidants. So yes, it is logical that it can help your body to fight against cancer cells.

Apart from this a small piece of advice, that don’t put milk in the tea as doing that will actually reduce the antioxidants.

  • Green Tea a bacteria killer, saves you from various infections and protects you from Dentist

Green Tea contains Catechins, which actually kill bacteria and save you from various infections like influenza,

What are Catechins?

Catechins are potent Antioxidants, that protect you from various chemicals and viruses.

So yes, regular drinking of Green Tea will save you from infections. Apart from this Catechins in Green Tea actually kill the growth of Streptococcus mutans. These mutans are one such reason for growth of plaque in your mouth.

Thus, Green Tea prevents you from infections as well as the Dentist.

  • Green Tea a beverage that burns fat and enchances your physical performance

We always hear that people say, Green tea helps you burn fat. Well, according to some researchers it does and for some it’s vice versa.But what Green Tea actually does is increases your metabolic rate which means your body burns food at a faster rate. But here it does not mean that drinking only Green Tea will help you lose body fat.

Along with it, there is also need of regular exercise. Green Tea has oxidants which actually help you to improve your physical performance by keeping you energetic and hyper active about your surroundings.

  • Green Tea to take care of your SKIN

Drinking Green Tea actually has positive impact on your SKIN too. We all our sensitive about our skin and it’s aging. But Green Tea helps you with Wrinkles as well as positively tackles signs of aging.

The main reason behind it is it’s antioxidants present in it as well as it’s anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

  • Green Tea to tackle high Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of Green Tea also helps to reduce the risk of Blood Pressure. But also is very useful for those who face this problem.

  • Green Tea for those who are Depressed

Today, Depression is the most common problem that everyone faces, our daily tensions, regular hard work and no time for rest actually makes the problem of Depression worst. But for regular drinkers of Green Tea, Depression has very mild effect.

In Green Tea leaves there is Theanine that is known to help in relaxing our body and refreshes the muscles of our body.

There is also another question that How much Green Tea should one drink in a day?

Well, there isn’t any limit, but for those who are sensitive to Caffeine should prefer just one cup a day. Yes, Green Tea consists of Caffeine. But even for others the best way is to drink two cups of Green Tea regularly, one in the morning and one in evening or even after having dinner is actually a good option.

Green Tea lover you can even try various flavors like the Tulsi flavor by adding a few leaves of Tulsi while you make it or even adding Honey is a good option to enjoy the beverage.

But the most important thing I would say, that Green Tea alone won’t help you. You need to supplement it with some good habits like stop Smoking and drinking alcohol.