A good daily routine for skinny people in order to gain some weight

good daily skinny workout

More than 70% of people are of the view that if a person is skinny then what they have to do with the workout. It is totally a wrong concept. Being skinny has nothing to do with fitness. But, here I am not going to discuss all these. I am here to talk about a good daily routine for skinny people. A good routine always is a combination of eating plus work out.

For a majority of skinny people, the reason for their being skinny is that they do not eat much. Another reason can even be this that they do not eat the required amount. To this, you will say that there are people who eat proper diet but still they are skinny. Yes, this is true. I completely agree with you- there are such people too. The reason for their being skinny can either be this that their diet doesn’t includes the essential nutrients and proteins or that they need to work out to build up their muscles. Either type of skinny you are, today I have come with a good daily routine for skinny people, which is definitely going to benefit you.

A good daily routine for skinny people comprises of just 2 things

  1. A complete diet
  2. Work out

A complete diet

In order to gain weight you got to consume calories, but make sure calories not fats. So, make sure the food items you choose are rich in calories and not fat. Consuming a bit of fat in your daily life is okay for you guys. Remember bad fat is prohibited but you can surely intake healthy fat. You got to make constituents like- carbohydrates, whole grain, proteins, nutrients a friend of yours. Eating foods like rice, chicken, sweet potatoes, vegetables, nuts, protein bars and other foods rich in these 3 constituents will definitely help you put on some weight.


Work out session

You got to choose your exercises very wisely as all exercises are not meant for you. Exercises like stretching, strength training, and weight lifting will help you with muscle strengthening. Try exercises like: –

  • bench press
  • overhead press
  • squats
  • pull ups
  • chin ups
  • dips
  • deadlifts
  • crunches


These exercises will surely help you build up muscles along with strengthening them up. Focus on building up your full body instead of targeting on just one area. Building up muscles will increase your fitness level along with weight. Remember this that cardio exercises aren’t for you guys. It is for those who want to burn calories and if you guys burn calories then you need to double the intake of it.

The best part for you guys is that you do not need to do rigorous workout daily. In fact working out 5 days a week is enough for you. It is also advisable to take short breaks of 2 minutes between your work out sessions. Apart from this the main factor for you to focus on is healthy eating.

A combination of these 2 factors is a really good daily routine for skinny people. So, what are you waiting for? Gain some weight and enhance your appearance