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Fast & Easy Homemade Remedies for Dark Circles

remedies for dark cirlesDue to heavy work load a lot of people are suffering from dark circles under the eyes. It might not seem to be a big problem, but it might be big as it disgraces your first impression. There are certain reasons due to which you have dark circles. They are insufficient sleep, stress, long hours in front of computers and wearing specs for long time. So, get some homemade remedies for dark circles.

Homemade Remedies for Dark Circle

Lemon Juice and Cucumber


½ a lemon juice

Half cucumber

2 cotton padsremedies for dark circleSteps

Grate the cucumber and take out the juice from it. Keep it in fridge for an hour. After that, add lemon to the cucumber juice. Soak the cotton pads in the mixture. Apply the cotton pads on each of your eyes and leave it for 15 minutes.

This will help you to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes. As it helps to keep your eye area hydrated and smooth.

Lemon Juice and Tomatoes


1 lemon

1 tomatoremedies for dark circlesSteps

Take out the juice from tomato and lemon in a bowl. Mix it well with a spoon. Then apply this mixture daily under your eyes. You should wash it after an hour.

Lemon is a natural antiseptic and can prevent allergies and diseases. It can be used for all skin types which has enlarged pores.

Here are 2 remedies for dark circles which will help you prevent darkness under the eyes. Try these masks for 7 days you will start seeing the result. You should also drink water as it is very essential to keep your body hydrated.