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Exercises to help you get rid of thigh fat

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Generally, we are able to shape up our whole body but it is our thighs getting which in shape is too difficult. Thigh fat is too stubborn. Getting rid of thigh fat isn’t easy, which is the prime reason for very few people have perfectly toned up body.

So before discussing exercises to help you get rid of thigh fat, it is important for you to know what type of thighs you have. In order to know about your thigh take a small test before going for exercises.

Test to determine your thigh type

The test is to determine whether it is your thigh muscles which is big enough or you have a lot of thigh fat. It is a 2 step test:-

  1. Straighten your leg
  2. Tighten your thigh muscle

If you feel much pain and stretch in your thighs then you have got heavy thigh fat.

If the pain is not much and you are able to stretch easily then you have got big thigh muscles.

Having big thigh muscles is no big deal, but if you have got fat in large amount then there are ways to get rid of them.

Getting rid of thigh fat isn’t easy. The stubborn the fat is more difficult it is to get rid of them.

Exercises to help you get rid of thigh fat

Do cardio regularly

Cardio is the best way to get rid of all-round body fat, as it burns up calories very quickly. Cardio exercises like jumping rope, cycling, running burns the most calories and help you get your legs in shape. Cycling is the best cardio to get rid of thigh fat at the earliest.

Seated hand push

Sit straight on a well-built chair with your legs touching the ground and knees at 90-degree angle. Keep your palms stiff on the outward side of thighs and slowly try pushing your knees outward, against the thighs. Simultaneously, press your thighs inward with your palms. This would help you get your thighs and hips in proper shape.

Seated leg raise

Sit in the same way as explained above. Keep your hands by the side of the chair. Lift your right leg and exhale. Hold it for 30 seconds and then breathe normally. Then, do the same with left leg.

Exercise on inclined surface

Working out in an inclined surface is the best way to get toned up legs. It burns your thigh muscle and even leads to pump your heart faster. Running on an inclined surface and taking stairs instead of elevators is the easiest way for this.

Along with these exercises, it is equally important to drink lots of water. Try doing these exercises and find the result yourself.