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Exercises an Athlete should follow

Exercise is very important and acts as a game changer in everyone’s life. For beginners, it is very important to do a couple of exercises before getting into their field of interest. Exercises has a lot of benefits as it helps to increase the energy level, improves muscle strength, improves brain functions, etc. Sports is important for everyone and for playing sports you need to do certain exercises. Here are some exercises an athlete should follow.

Exercises an Athlete should follow


Swimming is a very good exercise and has a lot of benefits. A beginner athelete must do swimming because swimming is the only exercise which will help you to increase your breathing capacity, will make you more flexible, will increase your upper body strength and swimming is the only exercise in which all the other body parts will be exercised and get flexible. Swimming is a full body exercise.


Though swimming in pools also has a bad effect on the health because the pool water contains chlorine which is very harmful for our health and also results in asthma.

Push ups/Press ups

Push ups are very good exercise for beginners because it helps to increase the upper body strength and will also help you to increase your muscle strength.

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A beginner should do at least 3 x 10 times daily and increase this after his capacity. This is a basic upper body strengthening exercise which will help you to perform more progressive strengthening exercises.


Squats is very good exercise for the lower body strengthening. It also helps to develop lower body strength which will help a beginner to increase the strength in his lower body.

A beginner should perform 15 x 3 times daily to develop lower body strength. This will help the athlete to do more progressive exercises once he has acquired the strength.


For an athlete, plank helps in core body exercise. It is very important as it helps to strengthen the internal parts of the body and make you strong and fit. It helps in overall increase in metabolism.

You should do it 3 x 10 times daily to increases your lower level strength and full body strength. People suffering from back injury or any kind of abdominal surgeries should avoid doing this exercise.

Abs exercises

Athletes need some core exercises to keep them fit and healthy. Abs exercises also helps in curing the back pain which many athletes face frequently due to the practice workouts and different matches. If you are internally strong from the beginning you can play well in your future.

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One main thing for any athlete is to keep the body strong and fit for a long time is the abs exercise. You should do this exercise daily for 3 x 10 times to make your lower part of the body strong.

There are many more exercises which might be good for an athlete to start with. But these are some exercises an athlete should follow to increase their strength.