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Few Apt Exercises for a Basketball Player

exercises for a basketball playerBasketball is the one of the most entertaining and powerful game. The players need to keep themselves fit and strong for the matches. They follow some regular exercise to keep them fit. Some of these exercises for a basketball player to him fit are mentioned below.

Exercises for a Basketball Player

Clean High Pull

Clean high pull helps you to become more flexible and strengthens your body parts. This also involves exercises of knees, hips and ankle. It helps you to be flexible enough and makes you strong for rebound jumps. There are certain techniques you should keep in mind.

You need to keep your chest and back flat and straight or hips should be back as the power comes from hips only. It also helps in triple action movements which are very important for a basketball player.

People suffering from high blood pressure, lower body surgeries and ankle injuries should avoid this exercise.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

Basketball players need to make high jumps for scoring a basket. This exercise trains you for lower body strength and power. This exercise is a very fast one so you don’t need any heavy dumbbells.

The format of this exercise is similar to that of a front squat. You need to keep your weight on your heels, back flat and chest up. You should try to jump as high as possible and explode up. Then  land softly in the squat position. This will help to drive you off ground faster.

People suffering from back injury or lower abdominal surgeries and high blood pressure should avoid this exercise.

Front Squats

You need lower body strength to play basketball. Squats help you to strengthen your lower body as well upper body. This is one of the best basketball exercises which help you to be strong and powerful.

Keep your body weight on your heels. This will help to strengthen your thighs and hips. People with problems like back injury, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, etc should avoid doing this exercise.


Basketball is all about pulling strength rather than pushing it. So, this exercise strengthens the muscles of your biceps and upper back. This helps you in rebounding or dealing with a tough ball.If you are unable to this exercise, then take the help of any trainer who will assist you in this exercise. People suffering from back injuries and any hand injuries should avoid this exercise.

So, now you can also get the strength and power like a basketball player. Follow this exercise for a basketball player and get a fit body.