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Some exercise for increasing height

Nowadays, people are suffering from height problem. Due to small height, kids and adults feel shy or under confident to interact with people. Here are some exercises for increasing height.

increasing height

5 Exercises for Increasing Height 

Bar Hanging

Bar hanging is one of the best ways to increase your height. This is good start for a beginner. The pressure exerted on the lower torso helps to stretch the spine. This decreases the pull exerted on the vertebra. This exercise is simple as you just have to hang on a vertical bar. You can wear ankle weights too but after sometime. You should do this exercise for 3-4 minutes. It will help to increase your height by 1 to 2 inches.

Forward Spine Stretch

This pose helps to stretch your calves, hamstrings and hips. This exercise helps to keep your spine flexible and strong. It also helps to reduce stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety. The spine stretch helps to improve digestion and lowers high blood pressure. It also clams your mind and soothes the nerve. It also eases out asthma, insomnia, menopause and headaches. The stretch of your calves and hips helps you to increase your height. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

Cobra stretch

This exercise intends to stretch your spine which is very important to increase your height. This will also make your back flexible and is beneficial for the growth of the cartilage between your vertebrae causing increase in your vertical height.



Swimming is a versatile exercise of all ages to keep you fit. 1 hour of swimming for 5 days a week is enough. It is considered as the most intense form of exercise which is done in water. It also helps to develop you muscle and all overall body parts. To increase you height, you should do breast stroke. It is considered to be the best style for increasing height. You should swim daily as it helps to increase your height and lose your weight.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a good technique to increase your height. It also helps you burn your calories and lose weight.  It also helps you to get lighter on your feet, which will make you more quick and agile. This is a very good exercise to increase your bone density. Jump rope is also good for your brain as it increases your physical and mental strength. Jump rope requires coordination, rhythm and strategy. There are a lot of different styles in which you can perform jumps rope. This is very easily affordable and portable too.

Now gain your confidence and make new friends by increasing height with these simple exercises.