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Different meditation techniques & its benefits

different meditation techniques

Meditation has become important for us to keep us at peace. It is one way by which we can stay happy. Meditation helps to control our mind and helps to discover ourselves. It is very common that people get stuck in a messy situation and can’t think out a way. Meditation helps you with this problem. It calms you down, which helps your brain function at ease. There are different mediation techniques which you should know. This helps to control your mind and thought and also eliminates negative thoughts. If you practice meditation, it might also help you in handling stress and anxiety issues.

How meditation helps our body?


Meditation helps in lowering high blood pressure problem, fight against stress and slows the aging process. It also recharges our brain and refreshes our mind. Meditation strengthens the immune system and decreases physical tension in one’s body. This helps in elimination of psychosomatic disorder which is caused by tension.different meditation techniques

So you should start meditating as it physically helps you a lot. Nowadays people suffer from stress a lot. Mediation is the best way to distress them and also help them in finding peace. There are different types of meditation techniques which might be beneficial to you. Here is some list of mediation techniques with its pros, so that you can select your technique easily.

Different Meditation techniques and its benefits:

Mindfulness Meditation

With the help of focused attention and observing, mindfulness meditation helps to create awareness and insight which arises without any judgement. It is very good for any beginner or for people who want to know themselves deeper. The instructions are very simple and you can also get to know about this in through different accessible source. The internet will provide you with the sources needed by the beginner for this technique. It is very popular as it is one of the easiest and the simplest techniques.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This is an eight week program which integrates yoga and mindfulness meditation with Western science and medicine. The technique is very accessible and attractive for every stratum of people. People suffering from illness, chronic pain or anxiety should do this meditation. People need mentors to start this meditation. They should be in a supportive community so that they have the interest in practicing meditation daily.different meditation techniques

Primordial Sound Meditation

This technique is a mantra based meditation, which has its roots in the Vedic tradition of India. The mantras given to you help you cool down your mind and body. The repetition of the mantras creates a vibration which helps you to calm your mind and take you to a peaceful place. People who believe in spiritual teaching should follow these mantras. It also benefits people who are serious about meditation and are beginners.

Vipassana Meditation

This helps to aware the breath by tuning the air, which passes in and out through the nose. You are encouraged to bring back into your awareness with the help of Vipassana meditation technique. You can get to know yourself and the inner world deeper. People interested in silent retreat can try this meditation technique as it is good for them. Beginners are also welcome to do this meditation.

These are a few meditations which can help you stay calm concentrated. The different meditation techniques will help you to know yourself better.