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Some Amazing Health Benefits of Rock Salt

health benefits of rock saltNowadays, chefs are using a lot of rock salt in your food instead of the common salt. This is because it has a lot of benefits for us. In Hindi, rock salt is called sendha namak or kala namak (which is a type of rock salt), in Telugu rati uppu, in Malayalam kallu uppu and in Tamil intuppu. So, there are different names for this salt. Here are some health benefits of rock salt which will help you select rock salt over common salt.

Health Benefits of Rock Salt

  1. Rock salt is devoid of environmental pollutants and chemical components. It contains iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. which is important for our body.
  2. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure level and stabilizes it.
  3. Rock salt helps in weight loss by eliminating the fat dead cells and equalizing the minerals inhabited by cravings.
  4. It also helps in digestion and improves digestion and lacerative disorders. This salt helps to improve the appetite, soothes heartburn and removes gas.
  5. Helps to cure many disorders and ailments like herpes, rheumatic pain, irritation and inflammation from insect bites.
  6. It helps in replenishing body electrolytes and maintains its pH balance. Rock salt also helps in absorption of minerals.
  7. It stimulates the blood circulation and mineral balance which helps in removing the toxic minerals thus refining the salt deposits.
  8. Lemon and rock salt eliminates the stomach worms and helps to control vomiting. It also gives relief from influenza.
  9. You can also use rock salt as a teeth whitener or a mouth freshener. It can also cure a sore throat.
  10. It strengthens the bones and connective tissues of the body. Rock salt helps in maintaining the flow of salivary as well as digestive juices.
  11. It also helps in curing problems like sinus and respiration issues.
  12. You get relief in health issues like bladder and kidney stone and rheumatism by consuming a glass of rock salt water.
  13. It also helps in overcoming cramps in few minutes. Bathing in rock salt water is very beneficial. It soothes sore muscles, detoxifies your body, lowers blood pressure level and regulates sleep.
  14. The essential elements provided by this salt are very good for our immune system. It also improves respiratory, nervous and circulatory system of our body.


Now I guess it is clear to you that rock salt is a much essential element for our body. You can use rock salt in your daily food items.

Do write us any other health benefits of rock salt if any in the comment box.