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Causes along with remedy for knee joint pain

Joint pain is no more associated with old age. Even young adults are facing this problem nowadays. As per a research out of every 3 people 1 person is facing the problem of joint pain.

Joint pain is caused by any injury to the ligaments or tendons around the joint. Pain can also be summed up as joint inflammation which in common language is known as arthritis.  Of all the joint pains knee joint pain is the most common complaint reported.

You should not ignore joint pain. If you treat it in the initial stage itself then you will be able to treat it. But, if you ignore it then it may lead to serious troubles. In many stages, people have to go for the operation of their knees just because the joint pain becomes so severe. The operation is not only costly but very painful too. Even very strong people are also not able to bear the pain of the knee operation. So, it is always advisable to treat in the initial stage.

cure for knee joint pain

Joint pain is of 2 types:-

  1. Chronic pain- Pain which lasts for few days.
  2. Acute pain- Pain which is for more than months and even years.

You will find many adults facing the problem of acute pain. The problem becomes so severe that they are hardly able to walk.

Symptoms of knee joint pain

  • Joint swelling
  • Limping
  • Joint redness
  • Joints getting locked
  • Loss of motion
  • Stiffness
  • Joint tenderness
  • joint weakness

If you witness any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your knee joint and it lasts for more than a week, immediately visit a physiotherapist.

The ways to cure joint pain are – medication, oil massage, and exercise. I would suggest that before going for medication try oil massage and exercises. Medicine should always be the last option for you. Oil massage and exercise have no side effects on your body as in the case of medicines. Taking pain killers not only makes you habituated to it but also many side effects on your health.

4 simple exercises to cure knee joint pain


Leg Raise

Lie down flat on a flat surface whether bed or a mat. Arms should be at your side by the hip and toes up. Now, raise one leg at a time. While raising your leg make sure you tighten your leg muscle. Count 5 before while your leg is in the air.

Initially, you wont be able to strech it straight, so raise it that much only how much you are able to do.

Tip- For a beginning, start with a set of 4 lifts for each leg.

Benefit- This exercise results in strengthening the quadriceps- the large muscles on the fronts of your thighs which are thus attach to your knee joints.

Step ups

Try climbing steps of the stairs. You do not need to do much just climb up and down steps daily. Do 1 leg at a time. Continue doing until you get short of breath. If required, get hold of the banister.knee joint painTip- Start with 1 minute for each leg.

Benefit- This exercise will not only provide you relief from knee joint pain but also increase your stamina.

Knee stretch

Sit down straight with your hands beside your hip. Take the support of your hand and slowly try bending one leg. Bend your leg till you feel it’s stretching. Hold your leg in that position for 5 seconds and then release it. Repeat this 4-5 times for each leg.joint pain exercises Tip- Bend your leg till you feel stretched not painful.

Benefit- This exercise also gives you the same result as leg raise. It too strengthens your quadriceps.

Hamstring stretch

Lie straight on the ground with your 1 leg flat. Try lifting your other leg straight. You may take the support of a wall or use a resistance band. Once you will you cannot hold it on more, stretch your other leg, but try stretching for 30 seconds at least.

Tip- Perform the stretch 1 by 1 for each leg.

Benefit- This stretch strengthens your hamstrings- the muscles on the backs of the thighs which are attached to the knees.

While doing any exercise, just remember 1 thing that do not over exhaust yourself.  Do only that much that your body can take.

Performing all these exercises on a regular basis will definitely provide you with results. You can also go for massage side by side along with exercises to get rid of knee joint pain. The benefit of massage will be that will relax the pain that you may feel by starting exercises initially. If getting oil massage is not possible for you, use a hot water bag.