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5 yoga asana’s for healthy eyes

5 yoga asana's for healthy eyes

Eyes are a very important part of the body. It enables us to do our day to day work like reading, watching something, driving, etc. In our daily life, we are so busy that we have forgotten that our eyes also need rest. So, to keep away the glasses, we have to do certain exercises for our eyes that will help them to stay well and healthy. Here are 5 yoga asana’s for healthy eyes.

5 Yoga Asana’s for healthy eyes


Human eyes should blink 25 times in a minute, but when we are focusing on something or doing our job, it does not happen. Blinking the eye properly will help the eyes to nourish itself, will prevent the eye from drying and will also help to relax the eye muscles.

5 yoga asana's for healthy eyesSideways and rotation

You should give at least 5-10 minutes daily to the eyes daily so that they stay healthy.  You should rotate your eyes in a circular motion and also in sideways movement which will help your eye muscles to stretch and will make them more flexible. Your eyes will not get dry and so there will be no itching problems in the eyes.


Palming is the one of the best exercises for the eyes, which will help your eyes to get relaxed. After a good day’s work, you can rub your palm until they are warm enough and then place them on your closed eyes. Palming is a very good exercise and everyone should do this because nowadays, everyone is busy in their work and they hardly give their eyes any rest.

Sarvangna Asana or the shoulder stand

The eyes and the brain get relaxed after doing the sarvangna asana. This exercise increases the blood circulation to the eyes, brain, ears and nose and improves their functioning. You can perform this by keeping up your legs in the hair and the toes pointed. This exercise will detoxify and maximize the performance of all the other organs. This pose also helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the brain and the optic nerve.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati pranayam is a very good yoga exercise. It cleanses your lungs and improves circulation for a better eye vision. This exercise not only helps you to have a better eye vision, but also ensures flat tummy, lustrous hair and much more. This exercise will also help you to increase your concentration.

Now you can easily keep your eyes fit with these 5 yoga asana’s for healthy eyes. You can also advice you friends to keep their eyes fit with these Yoga asana’s.