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5 startling dates benefits which you never knew

We all love eating sweets, don’t we? But the fact we always remember while eating sweets is that they aren’t good for our health and can lead to weight increase. It is the common issue we all face. But today, here we at Health Exotic will share with you the reasons why you should eat Dates. Eating this sweet, will not only keep you healthy but also keeps you away from various diseases or infections. So, if you love sweets, then I am sure you would want to know the dates benefits.

Dates benefits

Before we speak about how dates benefits individuals, we will cite the nutritional content of Dates. Dates also known as Khajur fruit in India has a lot of vital nutrients, thus helps in keeping individuals healthy. Well, I would love to call this sweet as sweet medicine. Dates contain fiber, copper, and Potassium. But since it is a small fruit you need to consume a lot of them at regular intervals for the required dates health benefits.

But for those who are diabetic should prefer less amount of dates as it has a large content of sugar in them i.e.66.5 grams per 100 grams.But in less quantity won’t cause any serious health issues for diabetic people.

Now, 5 startling dates benefits you never knew about:

  • Dates are a great boost for your Heart health. The fiber in the Khajur fruit (AKA Dates) is a booster for your heart making it more healthy.
  • Dates are anti inflammatory. Well, what makes them anti-inflammatory? Dates are rich in Magnesium and this mineral is know for it’s anti-inflammation properties.
  • Khajur fruit is one of the best fruit to controls the seasonal allergies and reduces the allergic reactions. The presence of sulfur helps to reduce the allergic reactions and prevent seasonal allergies.
  • Dates also help in increasing the weight which is beneficial for people who want to increase their weight. People or kids who are undernourished they should consume khajur fruit to gain weight.
  • Dates contain glucose, fructose and sucrose which helps to increase you energy immediately.

After knowing the date benefits you should try consuming dates. It is easily available in the local markets.