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5 Simple & Useful DIY Makeup Removal Tips        

makeup removal tips

There are many makeup removers available in the market. They use a lot of chemicals in these products. It is better to make makeup remover at home without chemicals and with basic ingredients. The makeup remover of many companies can have a side effect on your skin. Natural makeup remover will nourish your skin and will be gentle too. So, here are some awesome DIY makeup removal tips for your skin.

 5 Simple & Useful DIY Makeup Removal Tips

Olive Oil, Almond Oil & Coconut oil makeup Remover

This is very easy method of removing makeup from the skin. Add equal quantity of all the 3 oils and mix well. Now apply it on face and eyes. Keep it for 2 minutes and rinse off with a mild face wash and lukewarm water. The 3 oils i.e., olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil helps to treat dirt and stubborn makeup. It also helps in nourishing the skin.

Cucumber & Milk Makeup Remover

The combination of milk and cucumber is very healthy for our skin. It not only helps to remove makeup but also calms and soothes the skin. It also adds glow and helps to brighten the face. Peel off the cucumber and grind it to get some juice. Then add a little milk and mix well. Now with the help of a cotton ball, dab it on your face and eye to remove your makeup. Cucumber is very well known for soothing the skin and milk helps to remove makeup from the skin. After removing the makeup you should use face wash and wash your face properly.

homemade toners for oily skin

Besan & Curd Makeup Remover

The face pack of besan and curd is very good for acne prone skin. It not only helps in preventing acne but also exfoliates the dead skin cells. It adds glow to the face and is a natural cleansing for dirt, makeup and grime too. You just need 2 tablespoon of besan and 1- ½ tablespoon of curd to it. Mix well and use this to wash your face. You don’t need to use face wash or soap after this. You can use it regularly to get positive results soon.

Milk Powder Makeup Remover

You need a little warm water and milk powder. Dilute the milk powder in water to get a liquid. Now use this liquid to get rid of the makeup from your face easily using a cotton ball. This liquid can also remove long lasting lipstick, concealers and foundations from the face.

Aloe vera Gel Makeup Remover

Aloe vera gel can be combined with different ingredients to get a good and healthy natural makeup remover. You can make a mixture of aloe vera and honey, 2 tablespoon each. Add 2 tablespoon of oil either almond, coconut or any other, according to your choice. Mix all the ingredients properly and store in a container. Keep the mixture for 2-3 minutes and risen off properly.
homemade toners for oily skin

So, here are some DIY makeup removal tips which will help your skin to soothe after the heavy makeup. Take care of your skin and face. Keep chemicals away from your face to stay naturally healthy.