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5 benefits of Cocoa powder you should know about

We all love eating Chocolate, don’t we? For some people chocolate is an addiction. Some like eating it as a dessert. But did you guys know that Cocoa powder that is the ingredient of making chocolate actually has more health benefits and trust me taste’s good too. Apart from the taste Cocoa powder has some pretty awesome health benefits too. I am sure you guys must be eager to know about the benefits of Cocoa Powder, how this tasty hot drink can be beneficial to your health.

A hot Cocoa drink warms you up in winters and a cocoa milkshake refreshes you in winters. According to various researches, a hot drinkable chocolate helps to treat various illnesses and infections. And it is going on since the last few years but since ages. It can be traced back to 17th century when in France it was used as a medicine to fight against bad mood. But recent reports reveal more benefits of Cocoa powder.

benefits of cocoa powder

Cocoa powder contains antioxidants and what research says is that, antioxidants prevent the body against cancer, aging, keeps our heart healthy etc. Now let us discuss, 5 benefits of Cocoa powder and how the antioxidants in it are a gem for a healthy body.

5 Healthy Benefits of Cocoa Powder

  1. Cocoa powder as we said contain antioxidants, a chocolate bar too contains that, but even high amount of saturated fats which increases your weight. On the other hand, Cocoa powder has less amount of fat making it healthy and no fattening powder.
  2. According, to some researches Cocoa powder can fight against Depression. Today, many individuals are depressed due to hectic schedules and tensions. Such a depression effects our daily life. But not worry guys, a daily cup of hot Cocoa powder drink will boost your happiness levels.
  3. A new fact, that Cocoa powder lovers should remember is that Cocoa powder when heated up will release more antioxidants. Thus, prefer drinking hot chocolate and not cold one!!
  4. Hot cocoa contains antioxidants which are twice as more than Red wine and five times more than Black Tea. And as we know antioxidants fight against cancer cells, prevents us from aging etc.
  5. This chocolate powder actually contains a lot of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and what not. Each of these mineral plays an important role in keeping our body healthy. We all know Iron carries oxygen in the body and makes red blood cells.Same way, Zinc improves our immunity levels by continuously developing new cells. One tablespoon of Cocoa powder contains 9% of these minerals. Can you believe that and our body requires that much of it daily.

So now for kids whose parents don’t allow them a chocolate drink then please i would suggest to give them at least one cup of it daily. Chocolate bar can also be suggested but would be unhealthy only because of fats present in it.

And for those who think Cocoa powder isn’t good for health, that’s a myth. One cup of health chocolate will supplement your body with nutrients that it needs.

Drink one cup of hot cocoa drink daily at least for a month and you yourself will understand the benefits of Cocoa powder.