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4 Yoga Asana’s to reduce your Blood Pressure

Many people are suffering from high and low blood pressure. Yoga is the best way to reduce hypertension and has several other benefits. There are several yoga asana’s to reduce your blood pressure.

yoga asana's to reduce your blood pressure

4 Yoga Asana’s to reduce your Blood Pressure

Kapalbhati pranayama

Kapalbhati is a very effective yoga asana which will give you utmost satisfaction if performed on a daily basis. This asana calms your body and mind, improves the function of the lung and other respiratory system. It is very effective for losing weight, improves the function of the kidney and keeps depression away. It brings positive thoughts, cures constipation, diabetes, acidity, asthma and all the respiratory problems.

This asana should be done in empty stomach. High blood pressure patients should perform Kapalbhati at a slow rate. They should perform it in the supervision of an expert. Pregnant women should not perform this asana.


This asana looks like sleeping pose and looks very easy, but it is not. You have to concentrate on each part of your body. It helps to cure insomnia, improves concentration, releases stress, fatigue and depression and is also beneficial for calming mind and removes tension. It also helps to relax your whole body and muscles and is an excellent asana for stimulating blood circulation. Shavasana improves mental health, cures indigestion, diabetes, neurological problem, asthma and constipation.

Concentration is very important to perform this exercise. If you are finding difficulty in performing this exercise in the morning or night, then you can do it before sleeping. While practicing it, if you feel drowsy and sleepy, then you can breathe a bit faster and deeper.

 Anulom vilom

This is effective in purifying the mind and body. Regularly performing this exercise would help to release stress and anxiety. It will also help to increase the energy level in the body. It removes stress, depression, and hypertension and keeps away the heart related problems. Anulom vilom improves your concentration and the function of the lungs. It also helps in curing asthma, migraine, gastric problems, neurological problems and heart blockage.

You should practice this under an expert guidance and pregnant women should avoid this asana. You should do this asana in empty stomach or after 4-5 hours of consuming food.

Pranav Pranayama

This is a very simple breathing exercise and is another form of meditation. This asana helps you to get relived from mental stress and increase concentrations. It also helps in overcoming any physical disorder. It widens your perspective and develops your spirit. This asana keeps you healthy and energizes your spirit.

Pranav pranayama should be practiced in fresh air and under expert guidance. You should do this pranayama on empty stomach.

Now, keep yourself charged up and balance your blood pressure with these yoga asana’s. With these 4 yoga asana’s to reduce your blood pressure will help you stay healthy and fit.