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4 hair products never to apply on your face

hair products not for face

Looks!!! It is something we are all obsessed with…. The face is the 1st thing anyone observes in us. So, we all want to look our best each and every time. In no way, I mean that people’s impression is by the look. At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that 1st impression is by the look itself. So, in order to look your best here, I am today with some products never to apply on your face. Any fashion expert or beautician you may consult they would never advise you to apply any of these products on your face.

Products never to apply on your face

I am today here to discuss the hair products never to apply on your face.

  1. Hair shampoo
  2. Hair color
  3. Hair spray
  4. Hair serum

Many of the hair products and body products have similar names. Though the name might be same there components are very different. So, never apply any of these hair products on your skin.

Reason for each of these hair products shouldn’t be applied on skin are as follows:-


Our hair needs strong surfactants to wash the oil and dirt away from hair and scalp, our face needs mild products. On the other hand, components in face cleanser are mild to soothe and soften your face. Though the shampoo will also make your hair soft and silky, you got to understand that the delicate molecules of your face cannot withstand the harsh components the shampoo contains.

Hair color

Never ever apply hair color on your skin. Even if by mistake you apply it to your face, wash your skin properly and moisturize it well. Hair color contains chemicals which will make your skin rough. Do not even apply them to your eyebrows in order to color them, this might lead to eye irritation as well along with skin if it drops down to eyes.

Hair Spray

At many places, you may read that you can apply hair spray after makeup to keep makeup intact. The substance in hair serum is for hair shaft treatment and not for skin treatment. Do not fall a victim to this saying. Using hair spray the on the skin will loosen your skin and lead to aging as it contains alcohol and lacquers which dehydrates your skin.

Hair serum

Confused with hair serum and skin serum??? The face serum is for face and hair serum for hair, so be careful while purchasing it as to for which purpose you are making the purchase. Hair serum contains the substances which treat hair shaft and is not for skin lining or age marks or anything such for which face serum is used for.

The 1 thing common for all these hair products is skin irritation if you apply to face. Thus, do not get confused with similar names and read properly before making your purchase. Today, I have discussed hair products very soon will come up with some other products never to apply on your face.

I hope this article will be helpful for you and clear any confusion which you might have. For any questions or suggestions do respond in the co