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3 backache relief asanas to let you sleep peacefully


Getting proper sleep is essential for a healthy body and healthy mind. If we do not get proper sleep then our whole day gets ruined. The whole day we move around being irritated. But the question is do you get sound sleep or not??? There are many people who keep tussling over the bed whole night. One reason for this can be mental stress which doesn’t allow you to get sleep. Another reason can be back aching which forbids you from getting a comfortable posture. Here, today we are going to discuss backache relief asanas.

You are a victim to which problem? If you are victim to backache problem then no more to worry about it. Reading this article and doing as instructed you will be able to sleep peacefully from now on.

3 backache relief asanas

Pawanmuktasana or wind-relieving pose

Steps to do it
  1. Lie down straight with your knees bent towards you
  2. While breathing intake wrap your knees in your hands
  3. On exhale pull your knees towards stomach

Do this breathing in and out exercise about 10 times following the posture. As this exercise also regulates the function of our body’s intestine so it is advisable to do it early morning.

Lift your leg to the wall

Steps to do it
  1. Place a pillow by the wall side and lie down with your bumps/back on the pillow
  2. Lift your leg straight to the wall, taking wall’s support
  3. Spread your hands widely and take normal breaths.

Hold the pose for about a minute and then you can get your leg down. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times daily. You can do this at any time of the day, even before sleeping.


Steps to do it
  1. Lie down straight on your back in bed with a pillow underneath your head.
  2. Spread your legs and hands slight with palms up.
  3. Try relaxing your body from the tip of your toes till your head.
  4. You may breathe in and out as required.

It is preferable to do this exercise before bedtime. It is so because while relaxing many people fall asleep.

These are the 3 backache relief asanas, practicing which regularly will surely help you get rid of aches. Once you have got rid of backaches you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Now, no more required to tussle whole night instead enjoy the lullaby sleep. In order to know more about other yoga asanas visit

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