15 Do’s & Don’ts for Pre+Post workout


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  1. Do set your goal as to why you are working. Keep your motive strong behind starting workout.
  2. Do not eat any heavy meal before workout and never start your workout session empty stomach.
  3. Fruits like apple and banana are best before starting your session. But, remember 1 thing eating apple empty stomach doesn’t suit every body type.
  4. Start your day with a moderate warm up session. Warm up sessions help you gain motion and reduces the risk of strains and stress.
  5. Keep a bottle of water with yourself while working out. Take a sip at least once in every 25mins.
  6. Never go for caffeine or alcohol while or just after a workout.
  7. Stretch yourself before, during and even after a workout. Stretching gives your body a proper shape.
  8. Don’t ever push an injury. The moment you will you are not able to do anymore STOP there itself.
  9. In case you are visiting a gym or doing rigorous exercise yourself, do visit a trainer. Especially gymming should never be done without a trainer cause all exercises are not for everyone.
  10. Keep reminding yourself how important it is to be fit so that you do not lose the thrill to workout. Once you are out of motive your concentration level with decrease affecting your workout sessions.
  11. Do not over exercise. Exercising once a day is enough. In fact, nowhere it is written that you need to exercise daily. Working out 5 days a week is also pretty good.
  12. Try finding a workout partner. Doing anything tends to become a bit boring after a span of time. Working out together with your workout partner makes it interesting as well fun loving.
  13. Do not wear very tight fitting clothes as it would restrict you from stretching yourself freely. Wear clothes in which you are totally comfortable working out.
  14. Maintain hygiene. Always take a shower post workout to give yourself fresh and to wipe off the sweat you generated while exercising.
  15. Remember to cool down yourself before going for bath post workout. Cooling down is important as it relaxes your muscles and brings your heart beat down to a normal level.

Keep this thing always in mind

No workout of yours will go in vain and there is nothing as to bad workout except the 1 that didn’t happen.